Using First Person to Write Research Proposals

Is First Person Allowed for Research Proposal Writing?

A research proposal is a document that intends to justify the need for a study into a phenomenon or concept. The write-up tries to recommend a way of approaching a problem to find lasting solutions. Students achieve this requirement by lining up methods relevant to their field and explaining how the procedures can be used to increase our understanding of the issues it wants to discuss.

The literature review part of the paper must be comprehensive and dig into studies surrounding the research question. The goal of the section is to provide undeniable reasons for approaching the issue from a certain angle. Additionally, it should describe how other researchers dealt with the problem. By analyzing different perspectives, the student should highlight gaps in knowledge and develop proven strategies to inform us.

Since there are numerous things to consider, scholars become swamped by the overwhelming task. In particular, most of them are unsure whether they can use first-person narration in their research proposal. This article attempts to provide an expert answer to help you know which writing style to use for the write-up.

First- and Third-Person Writing Styles for a Research Proposal

Schools have strict instructions for the writing styles that you are allowed to use in your submissions. As such, some institutions may require you to employ the third person narration method in your papers. On the other hand, the use of a third or first person in academic pieces may depend on the department or field of the course. Social sciences may be laxer when it comes to the requirements. However, some systems are designed to offer an unbiased approach to crafting essays. Thus, you may be required to use the third person in the research proposal.

The context of your write-up should guide you when you are working on an academic piece. For instance, you may be tasked with recounting a personal experience. In this scenario, it is beneficial to use the first person to talk about an event that you witnessed. On the other hand, if your research proposal requires you to conduct interviews, it is a no-brainer that you should place yourself at the center of the essay.

Nevertheless, you lose formality in your writing if you make yourself the standard observer. For starters, you may need to be wordier in your piece to make a point while using the first-person point of view. Moreover, there is the risk of repeating yourself and having numerous sentences providing similar information. Redundancy in your work may be beneficial if you are trying to meet a required word count. However, you will lose points in terms of the content you offer in your writing.

In summary, it may be unnecessary to use the first-person point of view in your research proposal. Unless you have been given clear guidelines on how to approach the piece, use the third-person. After all, you are the author of the paper, so you do not need to keep reminding the reader. Plus, you should not let your emotions show in any academic writing task.

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