The Role Of Dissertation Introduction Why Shouldn’t

We Neglect Dissertation Introduction?

Dissertation is a compulsory writing task that has peculiar features to be observed. This research paper is of great importance for those who are eager to attain success in his/her career/education. As a result, this written work will influence the future of the writer and will demonstrate his/her knowledge, experience, and efforts. Every part of the dissertation should be well done because each of them has its own functions, for example, dissertation introduction.

Introduction has its specific points to consider when writing it. The writer needs to remember that the first paragraph of the introduction or even words/sentences should involve the reader into discussion, grip his/her attention. That is why the author has to think very good how to write/organize the first dissertation’s part.

In the introduction the writer presents the main problem and introduces the thesis statement. Introduction states the particular points that are being discussed in the body of the dissertation.

Introduction demonstrates also the object of the dissertation.

Then, more detailed information about the object should be demonstrated in the body. Sometimes it is impossible to cover the whole object, so the writer has a chance to research one of its sides/positions/angles. Of course, the other problems can be mentioned but the greatest part of the dissertation should be devoted to the main and most important one, the author wants to highlight. The most important problem of the dissertation research should be mentioned in the introduction.

A well-composed introduction shows how well the writer understands the main notions, problems because the reader will not read the paper further if he/she doesn’t understand or like the information/materials/statements given in the dissertation introduction. It is a great mistake when the author doesn’t realize the importance of the introduction.

So, the dissertation writer develops the main point in the body, concentrates on it and lists his/her most interesting research ideas; but in order to choose the most catching and gripping ideas he/she needs to browse a great number of sources. Maximum information about the object makes the research easier as the writer has a clear picture of the problem he/she investigates. The researcher can find supporting and opposing evidence for his/her own point of view concerning the problem.

Then, the writer summarizes the findings of his/her investigation the best way possible, drives the reader to a certain conclusion.

The author must be attentive for the dissertation introduction does not contradict the conclusion of the dissertation research . Conclusion must reinforce the information set in the two first parts introduction and body.

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