Learn How To Write A Proper Argumentative Persuasive Essay

A Guide on Structuring Your Argumentative Persuasive Essay

While crafting an argumentative persuasive essay, you need a lot more than a simple opinion to voice your viewpoint effectively. Even if you have a good topic, it cannot be compelling if you do not structure it properly in addition to sound reasoning and substantial evidence. A significant number of students usually perform poorly because of inappropriate structuring and weak arguments.

So, what is an argumentative persuasive essay? It is a type of writing in which the writer takes a position on a given topic. While writing, you must attempt to convince your audience to understand and agree with your perspective on a particular topic. It is equally important to state your rationale and back it up with relevant evidence or statistics.

An argumentative essay thesis can be part of your semester examination, final year project, or even class assignment in subjects such as technology, health care, science, and politics. For this reason, the paper might comprise a significant proportion of your final scores. Therefore, it is vital to outline your essay and write quality content.

Steps to Outlining an Argumentative Persuasive Essay

Your composition needs to have a simple and straightforward outline to help the reader follow through and understand the content. But before structuring your paper, you must conduct extensive research to gather relevant information and examples. Good sources of information include textbooks, peer-reviewed journals, magazines, encyclopedias, etc. below is the proper way to structure your argumentative essay:

  1. Introduction
  2. Thesis statement
  3. Body
  4. Conclusion

Surefire Tips on Writing a Good Introduction

The introduction comprises the first paragraph of the essay. Begin by stating the topic sentence to inform the reader of what to expect. After that, provide some background information to enhance the reader’s understanding of your argument. It is also important to outline any evidence you obtained during the research. Lastly, write down your thesis statement.

A thesis statement refers to a single sentence that summarizes the main argument of your paper. It should only focus on the central idea that stems from your chosen topic. A quality thesis statement must be specific, precise, arguable, and can be demonstrated. Write your thesis statement as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.

Help on Writing High-Quality Paragraphs in The Body Section

The body paragraph should comprise of your main arguments. A typical essay should contain at least three body paragraphs. Each idea should be written in an individual paragraph. Begin with a topic sentence that convinces the reader to agree with your point of view. Provide any evidence, statistics, and citations then address any opposing views while explaining why you disagree with their perspective.

How to Effectively Conclude an Argumentative Persuasive Essay

The conclusion forms the final paragraph of your paper. It is where the writer offers a summary of all the main arguments in the body paragraphs. You should not introduce any new information in this section. Conclude your essay with a personal anecdote or suggestions for further research.

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