Learn how to write a good argumentative essay today

Tips on How to Become a Good Argumentative Essay Writer

Essay writing is an everyday activity across all education levels. Therefore, if you are an incompetent writer, you might find it extremely hard to score quality grades. Essays can come in the form of standardized tests, assignments, or as part of the college application process. To avoid failure, you should sharpen your writing skills.

But to write an excellent argumentative essay, it is imperative to understand what it entails. An argumentative essay is a paper in which the author attempts to convince an audience to agree with the opinions and explanations. As you write the essay, you must build a strong case through logic, facts, sound reasoning, examples, and informed opinion. Present both sides of your arguments while unequivocally communicating why your opinions are correct.

Steps to Follow While Composing an Argumentative Essay

Before you begin writing your paper, you should first select a topic. Depending on the instructions, your instructor might assign a topic, or you might be at liberty to choose a topic you desire. If given the freedom to select a topic, ensure that it is relevant to the subject and you understand it.

It is considerably easy to identify argumentative topics. You can search for them in newspaper headlines, consult with your colleagues, consult your tutor, or conduct research from textbooks and other course material. Your topic should focus on arguing about a particular claim. Below are five types of argumentative claims:

  1. Definition: what does it mean?
  2. Fact: is it true or false?
  3. Cause and effect: what caused it? What are the repercussions?
  4. Policy: what can be done about it?
  5. Value: what is its importance?

How to Begin an Argumentative Essay

Once you have gathered all the relevant data from research, it is now time to write. Create an outline that summarizes your main ideas and arguments. All related ideas should fall under a subcategory to make them easier to discuss. Next, start the composition with a hook statement. It is a sentence aimed at attracting and retaining the reader’s attention.

The hook could be an interesting anecdote, fact, quote, or a statistic. Next, offer a background to your topic so that your audience can understand you better. Finally, your background should have a smooth transition into your thesis statement.

Tips to Effectively Outlining the Body of Your Essay

Once done with the introduction, proceed to the body section. Here you will discuss all the primary ideas of your essay. In each paragraph, discuss only one main idea. Support it with facts, examples, logic, and statistics. To strengthen your arguments, state the opposing viewpoints and refute them with logically convincing arguments.

How to Conclude a Good Argumentative Essay

Finally, an argumentative essay conclusion mirrors its introduction in many ways. It offers a summary of the thesis statement. Besides, it has a parting shot that calls for the audience to accept your viewpoint. One major mistake to avoid is the addition of new information in this paragraph.

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