Learn How to Edit Your Argumentative Research Essay

Useful Tips for Editing an Argumentative Research Essay

Contrary to popular belief, editing is not the same as proofreading. These are two different processes involved in revising a paper and visit the – writemyessayonline website. Even though they both require careful reading, they primarily focus on different aspects. Additionally, the techniques employ varied methodologies.

So, what does it mean to edit an essay to perfection? Editing is the first thing you do immediately after completing the first draft. A writer rereads the draft to crosscheck various factors. It could be to check whether the composition is appropriately organized, assess the logical transitions within the individual essay paragraphs and whether you have supported your arguments with sound evidence. You can edit your paper on different levels as outlined below:

  1. Content
  2. Paragraph structure
  3. Overall structure
  4. Style and language
  5. Citations and the formatting style

Advice on Editing Your Argumentative Research Essay Content

Here the author needs to crosscheck whether they have done everything required in the assignment. Check whether you have made accurate claims. Have you made any required arguments, and are they complete? All claims should also be consistently supported with the right evidence. Lastly, is the information provided within the argumentative research essay relevant to your chosen or assigned topic?

Tips for Editing the Overall Structure of Your Essay

Ensure that your essay has a sound introduction and conclusion. Is the thesis statement elaborately stated in the introduction? There should be a clear correlation between your essay thesis and each of the paragraphs. It is also essential to confirm whether your sections have a logical transition from one to another. An excellent way to crosscheck the structure of your composition is to formulate a reverse outline.

How to Properly Edit Your Paragraph Structure

Ask yourself whether all your paragraphs have a precise topic sentence. Does every section stick to a given primary idea? Do your paragraphs have any irrelevant content or missing information. All these factors are essential in ensuring that your paper has a logical flow, and the professor can easily read and grade it.

Advice on Editing Your Essay in Terms of Style

When it comes to style, it is essential to check whether you have used the right tone (persuasive and formal). have you properly used gendered language or politically correct terms? You also need to vary the structure and length of your sentences by alternating long and short sentences.

How to Effectively Edit Your Argumentative Research Essay Citations

While editing, check if you have correctly cited your paraphrases, quotes, as well as the ideas obtained from sources. Have you done them in the appropriate format? While at it, you might also need to revise the wording and content of your composition significantly. Be on the lookout for any patterns of mistakes, as this will prove tremendously helpful while editing a voluminous document such as an argumentative research essay.

When you refine your paper, you make it easy for the professor to grade it favorably. Apply the strategies above and submit a flawless essay to the professor.

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