How Essential Is A Professional Cover Letter for Your Resume

What Are the Main Components of a Professional Cover Letter for Your Resume?

Writing a formal cover letter can give your CV a huge boost. Notably, cover letters increase your chances of securing employment because they introduce you to your future employer. As a graduate, you may be unaware of how to start drafting your cover letter. Similarly, you may have concerns regarding what to include. For a second, you may have thought of ignoring it and simply submitting your resume. However, do not entertain that thought. Cover letters are vital because they can set you apart from the other applicants. Let me also ease your worries by letting you know that even experienced job seekers find it challenging to write a cover letter. The best way you can write your unique cover letter is by researching updated examples of quality cover letters. It is also important to ensure that the researched sample is relevant to your specialized industry and occupation.

Cover letters should comprise the following parts: the salutation, introduction, body, and conclusion. The salutation part addresses the hiring manager. It is important to personalize the salutation either by addressing the recruiter by name. Due to technological advancements, it is possible to know who the employer is by looking through the company's website. The introduction part introduces the applicant and states their intention of applying for the job. This part must be creative and captivating for the recruiter to find the need to continue reading your resume. The body part describes the applicant in detail by explaining their experiences, skills, achievements, and education. Here, an applicant must try and express why he/she is the ideal applicant for the opening. The conclusion part involves a call to action that invites the recruiter to shortlist you for an interview.

Tips for Writing A Professional Cover Letter

  • Conduct a thorough research

Before writing your cover letter, you must research more about the organization. This way, you get to understand their culture, policies, challenges, and structure. Researching more about a company also enables you to understand how your skills can be of service to the firm.

  1. Draft A Targeter Cover Letter

Read and understand the job requirements to fully understand the relevant skills required for the open position. Keep your cover letter brief and precise, with each paragraph speaking about a certain aspect of you regarding that position.

  • Ensure your cover letter is updated

Ensure you are informed about the updated writing requirements. This way, you can be sure that your cover letter is relevant. For instance, you can confirm the appropriate tone or better ways to emphasize your qualifications without sounding overconfident.

  • Proofread your cover letter

Ensure to edit your cover letter thoroughly. This will eliminate all the mistakes, including punctuation, grammar, spelling, typos, formatting, among other errors. Also, Proofreading your cover letter also helps you confirm the company address was written correctly.

  • Hire professional services

You can find reliable cover letter writers online at affordable rates depending on your budget. Therefore, as a recent graduate with zero experience writing a professional cover letter, you can hire a professional to write one for you.

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