Excellent Tips For Outlining An Argumentative Essay Thesis

Simple Tips for Craft a Quality Argumentative Essay Thesis

What is the meaning of a thesis statement? It is a single sentence or two sentences within the introductory paragraph that summarizes your key points and an overview of your stance on a given topic. It is highly beneficial to take your time and craft a strong thesis statement if you want to attract the professor's interest in your paper's content. The reason is that it enlightens the reader on what the composition is about.

The thesis statement enables the reader to decide whether they want to proceed with reading. So, to stimulate enough interest in your paper, your thesis statement must be highly convincing. There are various ways through which one can write a thesis statement depending on the intended purpose.

An argumentative persuasive essay can be based on various claims. It could be definition, fact, cause and effect, the value of a given subject, or a policy i.e., what can or should be done about something. Below are three common methods that you can use to put forward a thesis statement:

  1. The question/answer method
  2. Rebuttal of objections
  3. A roadmap

Advice on Using the Question/Answer Method

The question/answer format is arguably the simplest method of writing a thesis statement. It is whereby you convert the topic into a question, then provide the requisite solutions. To come up with the correct answers, it is crucial to understand the problems you are putting forward. The majority of argumentative questions can either be factual, definitive, cause & effect, or a proposal. Below are some examples:

  1. What is "child abuse?" (question)
  2. What are the major causes of depression? (cause)
  3. What can you do to enhance your self-esteem? (proposal)
  4. Do violent video games negatively affect teenagers? (fact)

It is important to note that a question can form the argumentative essay's title. You can also use it in the introduction's first sentence. Choose what suits the specific situation at hand.

How to Effectively Refute Objections in an Essay Thesis

Rebuttal of objections entails explaining one side of an argument then presenting an opposing statement. For example, "while some people believe there is no way to protect your marriage from divorce, research has proven that the likelihood of divorce is low when couples adequately prepare for marriage."

In the above example, one side of the argument suggests there is no way to prevent your marriage from failing. On the other hand, the refuting statement claims that you can minimize divorce chances through proper planning.

A Guide On Creating a Roadmap for Your Thesis Statement

A roadmap gives a summary of all the main points you intend to discuss. You state your claim, your position, and the key points you will use to support your stance. Even though such thesis statements are relatively lengthy, they exhaustively outline what the composition will cover. It helps readers grasp your stream of thought and assist you during the writing process by maintaining your focus on the key points to address in the paper.

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